Amber Star Insurance is a full-service Health Insurance Agency that specializes in Medicare and Senior Care policies, as well as individual, family and small business health plans.

We work with ALL major health care providers like: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Health Net, and Kaiser; making it easy to get a customized plan that’s right for you, your family, or small business.

There are many changes occurring in the health industry right now due to the passage of Health Care Reform laws. Amber will answer any questions you have regarding the various future shifts in healthcare coverage and also how a Small Business Tax Credit can affect your company.

The services provided by Amber Star Insurance are free of charge asĀ  insurance brokers earn their commission directly from insurance companies. Using a health insurance broker relieves you of the stresses of finding the right plan for your needs and is a resource that is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Finding an appropriate and cost-effective plan is as easy as making one phone call or setting up a meeting with Amber Field!

Call Amber today at (714) 713-7353.